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Indy Blast Bundle 1


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Step into the spray-on bedliner industry and step up to success with the INDY BLAST spray system. Includes the INDY BLAST spray gun and 12 black cartridges (enough to spray 2...

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Step into the spray-on bedliner industry and step up to success with the INDY BLAST spray system. Includes the INDY BLAST spray gun and 12 black cartridges (enough to spray 2 trucks).

The Indy Blast cartridge spray system is the lowest cost entry level spray system available on the market today. It allows you to apply a 100% solids, fast set polyurea hybrid material that sets in seconds and comes packaged in disposable cartridges. The cartridge system connects to your standard air compressor and requires no electricity.

Indy Blast is primarily used for lining truck beds, van and SUV interiors or the repair of existing sprayed on bedliners. Other automotive uses include undercoating and rocker guard protection. Indy Blast also works well as a protective coating on utility trailers, horse and boat trailers. Cartridges contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


  • (1) INDY BLAST Cartridge Spray Gun
  • (12) INDY BLAST Black Cartridges
  • (12) Mixing Tubes (1 per cartridge)


Surface Preparation
Surface preparation is the key step to achieving a long lasting and durable coating. The following section explains techniques and tips for applying INDY BLAST to many surfaces.

Remove all accessories (tie downs, toolboxes, latches, access panels etc.)

Pre-clean surfaces with P-50 wax and grease remover. Always pre-clean before masking or sanding.

Once the surface is completely clean, begin masking with WireTrim® Edge Cutting Tape, giving your coating the perfect edge without the risks of knife trimming. Be sure to leave approximately 6 inches of extra tape at both ends to be used as handles to start cutting the edge of the liner. Mask the rest of item using masking paper or plastic masking film. It is important to cover everything you do not want sprayed! A little extra effort here can save you the headache of having to remove over-spray later.

Carefully hand sand all edges of the item using caution to no not damage the previously applied WireTrim® Edge Cutting Tape (sanding the wire may cause weak spots causing it to break when pulled). Finish sanding with the 5" Cup Brush attached to an air or electric powered Sander. The 80 grit nylon bristled cup brushes are flexible and easily conform to uneven surfaces cutting down sanding time.

Painted Surfaces:
Pre-clean the surface with P-50 wax and grease remover. Sand with the 5" Cup Brush attached to an air or electric powered Sander. Use an air gun to blow away any dust from sanding and then give the surface a final wipe with Bonding Agent. This product is an adhesion promoter that we apply to the item and hand wipe over all exposed surfaces; it dries in about 5 minutes and insures a good bond.

Bare Metal:
Clean thoroughly with P-50 wax and grease remover. Sand the area to be sprayed using a minimum of 36 grit sandpaper. Apply a light mist coat of metal specific etching primer. Allow etching primer to dry to manufacturer's specifications. Give the surface a final wipe with Bonding Agent.

Thoroughly clean area to be sprayed insuring all residues, dust, etc. are removed. Seal the wood with latex primer. Allow primer to dry for 6 - 8 hours before spraying INDY BLAST.

(See Painted Surfaces)


Apply INDY BLAST using our pneumatic spray dual cartridge gun. Cartridges should be pre-conditioned to 75-80°F (24-26°C) before using. Ensure that the compressed air source is dry, and can provide a constant pressure of 110 psi. The compressor should be rated to deliver 10 CFM at 100 PSI minimum. Use the static mixer with the air atomizer tip supplied with your cartridges. With 110 psi inlet pressure, set fluid flow to maximum and airflow to the atomizer at 25 - 45 psi.

Start spraying on a piece of cardboard or other disposable surface until an acceptable spray pattern is achieved. When a spray pattern has been achieved, this should take 2-3 seconds; fan over to the object staying about 18 inches from the target, working with even passes, building coats to desired thickness. Spray at a right angle to the target moving the gun and not your wrist. Visually monitor material levels and cease coating work just prior to emptying cartridges to ensure that an even ratio of the material is applied to the surface. INDY BLAST can be textured with typical over-spray techniques.

If you need to stop spraying mid-cartridge you will need to replace the mixing tube before continuing. If you have not completely used the full cartridge and would like to save the rest for another job, leave the mixing tube attached to the cartridge, the INDY BLAST material will harden in the mixer which acts as a seal until ready to use again. When ready to use the rest of the cartridge remove hardened mixer, replace with a new mixer and start spraying once again.


ANY PERSONS INSIDE THE SPRAY AREA MUST WEAR AN APPROVED RESPIRATOR (Full- or half-face air-purifying respirators which are NIOSH-certified with Organic vapor cartridges with dust/mist [DM] or high efficiency [HEPA] filters). If airborne concentrations exceed or are expected to exceed the TLV, use MSHA/NIOSH approved positive pressure supplied air respirator with a full-face piece or an air supplied hood. ALWAYS SPRAY IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA.

Please read all information in the general guidelines, product data sheets, guide specifications and material safety data sheets (MSDS) before applying material. Published technical data and instructions are subject to change without notice. Contact your Pinnacle representative or visit our website for current technical data and instructions.

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Indy Blast Bundle 1